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Written by Bill Wagner   
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 12:09
Day 21--71 Miles 

I know, I know, NO more days over 60 miles. Well, I gotta tell ya, when the elevation is relatively flat, AND, you have no wind (or at times even a tail wind) baby can make some ground!!

A great ride today. Sunny, low humidity (as always up here), I've already mentioned the part about the wind, pretty flat terrain...and Jessica. It is such a great feeling to be actually in a cycling rhythm with the bike and my body. Time to cruise along and not feel exhausted, ups and downs, straight aways, great to settle in and ride without the usual struggle for a good part of the ride to simply keep it going forward.

Jessica and I met shortly after I found this spectacular camping spot about 1/2 a mile from Idaho. No, it was time to stop! She approached rather sheepishly and I pretended she wasn't even there. That was actually a fun little game while it lasted. I assume my gentlemanly demeanor made her feel confident to invite a few others along, you know, as a kind of meet-and-greet. Well, one thing led to another and the next I knew she was introducing me to her whole damn family tree, roots and lineage. There was Tom from Idaho falls, Jerry from Missoula, Tammy from Bozeman, Isabella from Boise, then all the kids. Damn she has a lot of family, and they all stick together, real tight you know?

Then she started asking all kinds of questions about the ride. Where I'm from, where does the route take me, she even asked to take a look at the map but obviously without her glasses it was a waste of time. She pretended to know where Idaho was but if you ask me she doesn't even seem like she knows much Geology(reminded me of Kourtney, but in a good way). She helped to remind me that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and to not judge someone too quickly, you never know where Your next meal may come from!

All in all her family was polite and courteous but her Uncle Larry from Tulsa needs a serious lesson in shaving down his horns, and if looks could kill, well, I'd be dead.

A delicious diversion from the daily pedal today, don'tcha think?!

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