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Written by Bill Wagner   
Monday, 02 August 2010 08:28
Day 32--56 Miles 

A lovely day making my way to the border. Today I crossed into Colorado and the Aspens and vistas are nourishing my eyes. Last nights rain made much of my stuff pretty soaked so I'm here, somewhere north of Clark, attempting to dry out a bit. Found another nice spot to put up for the night and hope it's not on someones ranch. I'm pretty sure it's National Forest Property but it's not always easy to know. This mornings wake up alarm was that herd of sheep (2000, yes that's right, 2000!) making their way thru my makeshift camp. they made quite a bit of racket last night but it was kind of enjoyable as It was so strange for me to hear. Watching them meander thru the trees was so enjoyable to me. I could just watch animals do whatever they do all day and never tire. I find myself constantly stopping and talking to the ENDLESS herds of cattle, not so much the horses, they don't seem to listen too well.

Bike and body continue to work although when I get to Steamboat Springs tomorrow I need to re-true my back wheel and get a new small front chain ring. the Basin took a chunk out of it! looks like no rain tonight, that would be a blessing.

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