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Written by Bill Wagner   
Monday, 02 August 2010 22:14

Day 33-46 Miles

Before I type another word I want to say something about God or Angels or Divine Guidance. This is my interpretation so just go with it if you want. I am finding out each day out here that I am really being cared for. The amount of variables of things that could "potentially" go wrong could be staggering if I simply dwelled on it. Out here on a bike high in the Rocky Mountains exposed to, and benefitting from, the ever-changing climate, terrain and elements provides the perfect foundation for a spiritual pilgrimage and fantastic adventure. so many things happen each day that could never have been foreseen or planned for (or against) that I'm feeling more and more how deeply protected I am; how deeply cared for and watched over I am...by something wholly outside of me. That is essentially my perception; time and again, day after day, trial after tribulation, there is something out there watching over me on this trek. It may sound almost...well...I don't know how it sounds? But that is my genuine, un-agenda, experience out here. Simply put, it is beautiful and comforting. As the saying goes, just keep moving, forget all the small stuff. you're not in charge anyway.

For us independent, semi-mostly-control freaks that pill can go down like jagged glass. But each day I awake at some new, weird, spot and finish at an even more bizarre spot I'm joyfully reminded that most of this stuff isn't up to me. Just ride, trust and if I can manage, have a good time!

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the last couple days. I got to Steamboat Springs to get a little tune up for the ride but someone had another idea. Just as I was using the trees outside the shop to dry out everything from the last few days of rain and dampness the mechanic comes out to tell me that my rear wheel is, well, not really safe to ride. Ummm, squeeze me? It seems whatever DING I put on it before Butte has progressed to (too many trues later) a weak wheel. OK, do you have my wheel in stock? No, but one that will likely work. Alright, do whatever you got to do? So as he worked on my bike I hit the stores in town to replace my compression sack for my sleeping bag and to re-supply food for my few days before my mail drop in Silverthorne. In a few hours later, after changing the rear brake pads and finding a box to ship home the rear hub I was back on the road and into the woods. That night I WAS CERTAIN I was sleeping on private land so waited until dusk (behind some bushes) to put up the tent and find my wobbly piece of earth to sleep on, adjacent to a collection of cow-patties.

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