Day 34 Print
Written by Bill Wagner   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 15:34

Day 34-41 Miles

I couldn't get my legs out of second gear. It was a bummer really since the sky was a wonderful grey overcast, the scenery was lovely up and over Lynx Pass and I met some people near a stream I had to ford who offered me soda and conversation. Then it got REALLY DARK, then the thunder and lightning, then most of the fun stopped! By the time I got to Radium (pop. Zero) I was pretty cold, soaked and mud-covered. The bike and I looked likely gross and pitiful. I stopped at what appeared to be a campground and looked for anything with a roof as it was still pouring quite hard. There I stood outside the unisex bathroom looking at what I thought was likely my home for the night ( which I believe would have been a new low for me!) and was speaking to this woman who was out on the Colorado River (right behind us) rafting with her husband but he was off to get the truck as they cut their trip short for obvious reasons. And the next thing I know I'm taking my bike out of his Truck in Kremmling some time later in front of a hotel. This poor hotel room will also likely NEVER be the same, add it to the list. 

The weather forecast for the next several days calls for the same thing EVERY day, 50% chance of good and 50% chance of severe bad. So why am I drying out all my stuff?!! Back on the bike, keep moving, I'm not in charge.

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