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Written by Bill Wagner   
Monday, 09 August 2010 11:23
Day 38--52 Miles 

A nice day today, despite the intermittent lightning and rain. The 2000 foot climb out of Breckenridge was lovely. Cool and sunny with stunning views at nearly ever mile. The best climb I can remember in a while. It also eleviated some of my altitude fears as it topped out at 11,500 and I didn't get sick. I certainly could feel my lungs pulling deeper than normal for that good 'ol air but it wasn't too uncomfortable and the nice grade surely helped. That and the fact that I stopped often to photograph and take in the beautiful scenery. I rode along with Matt (Numb Stuff) and Susan (Margie), the same two from the brew pub, off& on and that is always a treat. Sharing the struggles, fears and beauty together. Tonight we all sleep in a pavilion in Hartsel, CO at 9000 feet and it feels like it might get down to freezing tonight. The local water is contaminated from mining operations so we have to stock up on store bought fluids. It rained a fair bit today but nothing too bad. It seems I took my jacket on & off a number of times. Overall, a nice day with beautiful scenery and reasonable mileage and great burritos and tamales here in town to sleep on; not mention the concrete slab, picnic tables and an actual roof over head.

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