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Written by Bill Wagner   
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 09:30
Day 40-80 Miles 

A good day by many standards. I climbed over 5000 cumulative feet and with 80 miles to boot demonstrates how strong I've become. It's not a bragging point, anyone who would be doing this would get very strong too. It is nice to feel though, it doesn't mean that my 10 hour day was easy, just that my ability to be in the saddle for long distances with climbs is telling. My butt still screams with the 2-3 hour climbs but my legs seem to just peddle like nothing. OK, I better stop, I feel a jinx coming!

I was up and over Marshall Pass at nearly 11,000 feet and the views provided were very nice. It is a place where the CDT, Colorado Trail and Great Divide bike path all intersect, and since today was Saturday that meant lots of traffic. I don't mind the bicycles and can tolerate the occasional car/truck, but the ATV's flying by as if racing get on my nerves. OK, 'nuff said. today also marked the 16th crossing of the Continental Divide, in case anyone (Dad!) cares or was wondering.

I think I'm still in Colorado however it didn't rain today! That was sarcasm, which I better keep in check as the sky above my head and tent at this reservoir is a dark black! I'll likely be in Del Norte' tomorrow night in good position to get my maildrop...early again. I'll probably take a day off there as the climb out of that area is huge, maybe the largest climb of the whole trip, and the mail drop will delay me too many hours as the PO doesn't open until 0900.

Less than 1000 miles to go, yep, that was Thunder I heard. Good night.

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