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Written by Bill Wagner   
Saturday, 14 August 2010 08:28
Day 43-41 miles

I just got word from upper management that the Diamox trial has lost funding...I must've been up at least five times last night, thank goodness it wasn't raining and the pretty-much-all-body-pins-and-needles-and-tingles is, oh, how should I say?, less than wonderful. Winning the whizzing-race-horse-competition wasn't something that was going to get me up the hills any faster so I'm pulling the plug. Tonight I'm sleeping at about 10,000 feet so that should help and over the next few days, according to the map, I stay high during the day but should be able to get lower for sleeping. It's the altitude, no question about it, I got nearly all the classic signs. If I can get a few days into NM I'll be over the high stuff and will feel better. I'm fine really, just a little sluggish and puny-feeling. I'm forcing myself to eat and drink a lot and that should carry me through. Of course I'll go back on the smack if I need to.

Today had some more spectacular scenery and unfortunately horrible road conditions, it's a wonder my kidneys are still attached. Mile upon mile upon mile upon mile of washboard road. God that hurts! I stopped in Platoro, where the tap water is apparently unsuitable to drink, and had a great breakfast of French Toast, Cinnamon Roll (sans raisins!!) and coke out of a mason jar. My waitress, Elma, is an Amish girl from Bradford, Pa. Originally. She agreed that olives should be taken off the planet but raisins and raw tomatoes should be allowed to stay.

Cows...lotsa, lotsa, lotsa cows. All over the road and everywhere else. They must be on vacation?

Need to eat and drink more and I'm getting tired. A good day but low on mileage for me.

At the last little dot on the map there was a convenience store and that was good as I realized it's going to be 2-3 days until the next real town so I had to re-supply my food stash...and TP.

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