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Written by Bill Wagner   
Saturday, 14 August 2010 08:37
Day 45--71 Miles 

Thank goodness I brought those AAA maps. I've mostly been wondering why the heck I'm carrying something I'm not using...today they likely saved the day, and believe me you and you me, it wasn't anything to brag about!

the map clearly states: At the PO in Vallecitos turn right toward Canjillon. I passed a PO on the glorious PAVED descent and hit the brakes. well, there's the PO, now turn right. Ummmm, that's someones driveway. Maybe there's another PO farther into town. Town, ha-ha, wouldn't that be neat if there was an actual town, nice try. So I went on looking very deliberately at every single piece of vegetation to my right. It was more of a PAVED downhill which made it all the more painful. A mile or so went by and before I could say: "You know, it's pretty hot in the sun on the asphalt", I be officially off the route. This is where AAA gave me a tow, well, you know what I mean. I was so damn proud of myself to know I was off the route and still able to try and get back on; boy is he skilled and clever or what?! I pieced together three separate roads that would get me back on track, it looked like I might even have avoided a huge climb during the swelter time of the afternoon.

Again, but this time a REALLY nice try. Oh I did manage to get Billy boy back on route, but not without a seemingly endless climb. As I was initially descending I couldn't help but think, incessantly: 'Dude, you know your gonna pay form this right?'. And I paid but hey, it was on asphalt. I must celebrate wherever I can!

So I got back on elute and had lunch at the coolest, smallest, funkiest eatery I think I've ever been in. The two brooms and shovel out front gave it away. Overall another tough NM day and I'm beginning to feel the inevitable mercury coming my way. It was great, by the by, that there was plentiful oxygen in the air. Not something to take for granted anymore. Today's high was around 10,200 and I'm sleeping at 6500 tonight...in a huge fluffy bed...after a 44minute ice shower...that also served as laundry time...awaiting my friend Eric to come tonight and take me to Santa Fe tomorrow. Yeah, it could be much worse!

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