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Written by Bill Wagner   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 09:14
Day 55-81 Miles 

A lot of miles but an enjoyable day in the saddle. Steve and I have increased our group to six as others have caught up to us. It's a good thing as there is strength in numbers as we head into the land of drugs and thugs. We passed a bunch of border patrol trucks today which reminds us all that the problem with illegal immigration is huge and likely not going away any time soon. I talked with a USDA guy for a while before I crossed over I-10 and he said to..."Y'all definitely don't want to go south of here by yourself. All along the interstate you're gonna see abandoned backpacks, bikes, shit maybe even cars. Just keep pedaling, them's all the drug runner's crap. The problem is that people up here use the shit; if they didn't there wouldn't be all this mess. They want to legalize it but I think that would make the problem worse by ten-fold".

Yesterday was a day off and both Steve and I had some work that needed to get done on each of our bikes by the local shop on Silver City. as always it was good to gave a day out of the saddle. Today's ride was great for a number of reasons. They have had quite a bit more rain here than usual which turns the desert a delicious green over an otherwise bland brown. Major overcast skies: This likely dropped the temperature 15 degrees or more which makes a tremendous difference in the amount of water I need to consume and carry. Unique Terrain: Once I got up on the Divide it felt like I was on another planet. Rolling hills with Yucca scatter all around and huge mountain ranges filling out the horizon in every direction. Really beautiful visuals for miles on end. And the group, it's nice to be traveling with others. The miles go by much easier and we are all anxious to arrive at the final destination equally...and in one piece.

The grasshopper's here are somewhat indescribable. They are everywhere, huge, disgusting and cover nearly every surface of the earth! Simply put, while pedaling along, considerable crunching and splatting is occurring endlessly.

We crossed the Continental Divide for the last (29th) time and it seems NM does get the last laugh as sufficient sand and mud was part of today's--one more day to go--ride.

Tomorrow I will reach the Mexican border and stop pedaling. I could write that 34 more times and not tire. I need to get to Tucson and I will, come hell or high water... or sand or heat or rain or mud. Just watch me.

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