Day 26 Print
Written by Bill Wagner   
Saturday, 24 July 2010 22:42
Day 26--35 Miles 

Today involved tremendous focus...Get up as soon as, well, before I want to, and get my butt to Pinedale before 11:00 when the PO closes. It is Saturday, after all. The only reason I brought my wrist watch was because it has an alarm on it for this very occasion, so last night in my tent by headlight I set it for 5:30 am. It never went off, but miraculously I was up at 5:33! Crawled out of my warm cocoon to see my breath as I packed up and got pedaling as quickly as I could. 35 miles later and before the PO even opened I was in Pinedale! Ahead of schedule so I'm going to have to try and forward the mail that I may have missed to Silverthorne, CO.

I got a room in town and will sleep like you can't imagine!

All is well, blessings everyone.