Day 36 Print
Written by Bill Wagner   
Monday, 09 August 2010 11:12
Day 36-32 Miles 

Man it rained a lot last night. whatever they told me about the daily Colorado afternoon thunderstorm was a lie, unless you count a three hour rain as the event. But I packed up all the wet stuff and was up and over Ute Pass in no time. The views that the Pass offered were stunning and the long ride down on pavement was actually pretty cold. the ride into Silverthorne was on a pretty busy road but it wasn't for too long. Got to the PO AFTER I found a diner to devour at. I'm afraid my next mail drop will be the boxes last. It has so many layers of Duct tape and USPS Tape on it and it's starting to fall apart a bit. I'll re-assess in Del Norte'.

I got to Frisco and some shelter by out-riding yet another storm and my friend Sidewinder from my AT hike came with his girlfriend Ann to pick me up from Denver. They took me to Breckenridge to a place that Ann's parents own and I was in paradise. Big salad, shower, laundry, and...the hot tub!! Later they enjoyed taking a look at the maps I've been using to get me around the Divide. It rained hard again last night but guess who,didn't care a bit?!

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