Day 48 Print
Written by Bill Wagner   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 10:15
Day 48--57 Miles 

Cows and Rocks: A collection of Short Stories

Today didn't start off so good. Only about 500 feet left of the climb until I Reached the highest point didn't sound bad out of the bag but the rocks made it tough. Did I mention the rocks? NM has now officially made it to the top of 'toughest terrain' on the route, in case any one was wondering. I got to the highest point and there was a right I slowed down...was gonna stop and catch my breath and drink some...and over I went. BAM!! Right on the rocks. I couldn't clip out of my pedal fast enough. There I lay, on the rocks, bike teetering on top of me. I admit a few tears came, not just because it hurt like hell but also the absurdity and isolation of it. no one around, wind whipping, and I'm laying in a rock garden with my bike on me. My hand REALLY was throbbing as It took the majority of the fall. A rare blessing that I was actually wearing the cycling gloves I have, which I rarely wear because they're too hot. I got the bike off me and meandered the next ten miles rather pitifully. trying not to use my hand much, that was a joke. It turns out you do need both hands to steer a loaded bike on tough terrain, never knew?! By lunch time and a bunch of Motrin later it did feel much better. There is quite a bit of swelling in my palm now and some black and blue but I 'm certain nothing major is wrong. Likely just a deep tissue injury.

Cows: They are an enjoyable distraction on this ride. they literally cover the landscape of the entire route through the US. The Forest Service leases the land for a pittance to Rancher's to use the land to feed their herds. Today, again, they scattered the route and the young ones are just so damn cute. I often try and talk to them but usually their Mother's call them back to be with them. Not sure why?! We smell the same.

Tomorrow I have to do 102 miles, all on pavement, to get to the camp site so I better turn in. I came very close to getting soaked as I got here to Cuba and checked into the hotel not 3 minutes before one of the famous NM monsoons pummeled the ground in buckets. The street was a lake in minutes! Many things to be thankful for.

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