Day 52 Print
Written by Bill Wagner   
Monday, 23 August 2010 08:12

Day 52--66 Miles

Another day closer to the finish.  Today was a hot one without any water sources to rely on.  But almost getting hit will take the cake for today's spotlight.  About 10 miles south of Pie Town and a pick-up nearly clipped me into the ditch.  Maybe he never saw me, maybe he should've been on the right side of the road?!  after that I was a little testy for much of the day.  I did pass through some more pretty countryside as all the rain that's been falling turns this otherwise brown desert landscape green and adds pretty wildflowers.

Today was a first I had to pump water out of a cattle tank...enough said.  but, it sure beats dehydration as that's too easy to do out here when the days are in the 90's without shade. And riding on the dirt-muck they otherwise call a road.

I stopped a bit early today as...hmmm...that's different, it's starting to rain.  got the tent set up just in time.  It ends up being the many little things that I continue to try and be grateful for.  It's really getting close to the end now...

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