Day 53 Print
Written by Bill Wagner   
Monday, 23 August 2010 08:13
Day 53--62 Miles 

the best news about today has been riding with Colorado Steve, I'm sure to his wife it's simply Steve? Another day in the saddle riding to the promised land which included too many rocks to count that were scattered amongst too many metric tons of sand to measure. At one point on one of the now- typical NM descents we almost mistook the stream/river/drainage field for the road, um, I guess you might call it a road? You simply had to be there, pictures will likely not do the justice.

there were some pretty scenes and ample cattle to dodge but riding with someone sure does help the hours and many miles more enjoyable. We also crossed the Divide a couple more times and that number now is somewhere near thirty. I'll likely be done in three days...Oh Our God!!

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